Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB)

Three Kindnesses is designed to engage with the primary root cause of most DEIB issues: the dehumanizing act of others. A lack of knowledge and understanding about those who are different from us can often lead us to think and act in ways that are, at best, unkind, and, at worst, dangerous.

Three Kindnesses is designed to help people see and understand the differences in each other, to respond to those differences with kindness, and to show how a diversity of all kinds strengthens us, our organizations, and our communities. When the construct of Otherness threatens to divide us, safety and empathy connect us.

Our Kindness Programs create safe places for difficult conversations while cultivating empathy and understanding, and ultimately, celebrating and honoring the diversity in our workplaces and our world.

How to implement effective DEIB Programs

If previous DEIB initiatives have been ineffective or difficult to sustain, we have the solution. You cannot experience a 3K program without being transformed and inspired to engage in true, radical, deliberate kindness. We believe radical kindness is the antidote to many of our organizational and societal ills and a weapon to help us dismantle systems of oppression. When we feel safe, we can work toward justice. When we embrace a spirit of empathy, we can create a kinder and more just world for everyone.