Addressing Challenges Through Holistic Solutions

We created Three Kindnesses to address the three foundational cultural components needed to achieve high-performing teams: safety, empathy, and diversity.

Whether you are addressing low employee engagement, endless internal conflict, high turnover, or tension in honoring your organizational values, our methodology addresses each of these issues from a foundational level. While other team-building techniques can be helpful in achieving high performance, implementing these three tenets into everyday team interactions will ensure a long-term healthy, safe, and inclusive environment.

Using a holistic approach, we partner with leaders and teams to help them understand the why behind the who, the intention behind the behavior. Our people-focused solutions empower individuals to understand how each of the 3K components impacts them on a personal level, transforming how they perceive themselves and, in turn, how they engage their colleagues and teammates – fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive working environment.

Team Building- Performance Achieving

Our research-based learning experiences are designed to ensure everyone is welcome, every voice is heard, and everyone has some fun, too! You will be inspired throughout the 3K experiences to engage with your team in safe conversations and interactive exercises that will help you promote safety, build trust, and increase engagement.

Three Kindnesses programs are facilitated by our highly experienced professionals who are experts in team culture building, personal and team profile assessments and analysis, workplace diversity, conflict resolution, and employee engagement methodologies. We believe team-building can be fun and transformative while also driving high performance.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

Our learning experiences will help your team….

  • Build safety and vulnerability-based trust
  • Better understand the impact of individual styles on team dynamics
  • Experience improved communication between team members and between team members and leadership leading to decreased conflict
  • Achieve team goals more efficiently
  • Reap the social, emotional, and organizational benefits of engaging in deliberate, radical kindness through safety, empathy, and diversity
3k Synergy Session

A curated learning experience that takes your team on a safe and illuminating journey to better understand the individual needs and strengths of each team member and how honoring that diversity guarantees the success of the whole team.

Guiding Principle: “On our own, we are marshmallows and dried spaghetti, but together we become something bigger.” – C. B. Cook

What's Included
  • Full-day Immersive Learning Experience
  • Team Cultural Assessment
  • Team Environment Profile w/ coaching session for team leader
  • Access to 3K Online Resources
    3K Thrive Workshop

    An interactive experience that helps teams better understand the individual needs, speeds, and creeds of team members and how the 3 Kindnesses model can radically transform team culture and org environments.

    Guiding Principle: “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
    — Alexander Den Heijer

    What's Included
    • Half-day Workshop
    • Virtual Option
    • Team Cultural Assessment
    • Team Environment Profile
    • Access to 3K Online Resources
    3K Aspire Talks

    Engaging 60-minute webinars offering an overview of one of the 3 Kindnesses and practical advice to jumpstart a culture of kindness.

    Guiding Principle: Kindness is about seeking small truths every day that help me understand you better, so I can support you and work with you more effectively. And it means my own truth, of who I am and how I work best, is important, too. — Three Kindnesses Philosophy

    What's Included
    • Webinar 1: Creating Safety
    • Webinar 2: Cultivating Empathy
    • Webinar 3: Honoring Diversity
    • Access to 3K Online Resources